2015-2016 Supply Lists

Click here for a COMPLETE printable version of ACCA Supply List K-3 K-4 K-5.

Click here for a COMPLETE printable version of the ACCA-Supply-List-1st-12th.

Pencils:  It is very helpful for students to have a good quality pencil such as Dixon Ticonderoga or PaperMate American Naturals.  We have found that low quality pencils such as Penway or Rose Art can be distracting as they tend to not sharpen evenly, the leads break very easily, and they have very low quality erasers.  Starting in the 3rd grade, students may use mechanical pencils if they wish.

Bibles:  Students may use any translation of the Bible your family prefers.  However, we are listing the translation the teacher will be using in that grade level.  It may be easier for the student to have the same version the teacher/curriculum uses. Students are not required to have a Bible in grades Pre-K through 2nd grade unless they wish to have one for chapel.

Tissues/Paper Towels:  Depending on the year, several of our classrooms run out of tissues around Nov/Dec.  If you wish to send more throughout the year, we appreciate your generosity!

Dictionary/Thesaurus:  Beginning in 3rd grade, it would be very helpful (although not mandatory) for each student to have their own high quality Dictionary and Thesaurus.  They should be able to use it all the way through HS.

Copy Paper:  For students who attend the Calvary location, the copy machine only uses Xerox paper 24lb/90, 96 bright

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