Since tuition does not cover 100% of the operating costs, ACCA depends upon fundraising events to be able to pay our expenses.  Ideally, we would like for all of our families to participate in several of the fundraising events held throughout the year.  However, we offer a tuition schedule at a slightly increased rate for those families who are not able or do not wish to commit to fundraising throughout the school year.  Otherwise, for families opting to pay the standard tuition rate, we have many fundraising opportunities!  There is a wide variety of opportunities to serve and help raise funds for our school.

Families will have a set amount of credits to earn throughout the school year depending upon the number of students in the family enrolled.

  • Families with 1 student enrolled = 25 credits per year
  • Families with 2 students enrolled = 30 credits per year
  • Families with 3 students enrolled = 35 credits per year
  • Families with 4 or more students enrolled = 40 credits per year

At enrollment, families choosing to pay the standard tuition rate will be given a list of fundraising opportunities throughout the year.  There are several opportunities that multiple members of the family can work together and earn multiple credits at the same time.  It is important for everyone who works at these times to remember to SIGN-UP so that credit can be given for your work!  Families who do not earn all of their credits by the end of the school year, will be billed per credit.


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