Commonly Asked Questions

… and their answers

1.  Are you run or governed by any particular church or denomination?
Ark City Christian Academy is not run or governed by any particular church or denomination. The school is governed by a board of elected parents from the school constituency. We are interdenominational in our makeup and an independent corporation.
2.   Are you accredited?
We are not currently accredited. However we do have plans to seek accreditation through Association of Christian School International (ACSI).
3.   Do you have classroom teachers?
Yes we have classroom teachers. Classes are much like you would find in any school atmosphere. Except for the Christian influence and Biblical standards.
4.   Are your teachers certified?
Some teachers are certified but not all. We ask our teachers to seek certification through ACSI rather than the state. All are working on this process. The reason we have chosen certification through ACSI is they are a Christian organization with high standards and biblical requirements for certification.
5.   Do you have your own facility?
We currently share facilities with two local churches. We have purchased property and have plans to construct a self sustaining facility in the future.
6.   What curriculum do you use?
We currently use the A Beka and Bob Jones Textbooks throughout the school. A Beka is the primary core curriculum.
7.   Do you have a lunch program?
All day students in PreK-12th grade have a hot lunch option everyday.   Students may also choose to bring a sack lunch from home. High School students occasionally have an open lunch privilege, and they are allowed to leave the school campus during that time.
8.   Are there scholarships or financial aid available?
We currently do not have a set program for scholarships or financial aid. At times individuals donate money designated for tuition for families in need. It is suggested that you check with the school to see what may be available.