Lunch at First Baptist Church campus

5th-11th students follow a closed campus even during lunch time and hot lunch is an available option for all students.  Menus will be posted for a month at a time.  To sign up for hot lunches, please use the hot lunch form online at  It is helpful to our kitchen staff if parents will make their students’ hot lunch orders for a full month at a time.

Each hot lunch will cost $2 for 5th & 6th graders and $2.50 for students in 7th grade and up.  Payment should be made in advance.  You have the option to pay online when you order, or you can also send a check (payable to ACCA) or the exact amount of cash in a labeled envelope and give to your student’s teacher.

Students not wanting to order hot lunch, may bring a sack lunch every school day, and there are availability of microwaves for heating foods.

Students in 9th-12th grades will have an open lunch on the 1st Thursday of the month as long as the student is in good-standing.  Students who have missing work, behavior or attendance issues may lose the privilege of open lunch.

Students in 5th- 8th grades do not have an open lunch option, however, they may wish to order from a local fast food restaurant on the 1st Thursday of the month.  Orders must be received and paid for no later than noon on the preceding Tuesday.  The orders will be delivered to the students at their regular lunch time.  All orders should be made on the parent or student SchoolSpeak account.